Socioeconomic form for differentiaded tuitions


Universidad Politécnica Salesiana is a co-financed private university and just as other similar universities it annually receives an important sum of money intended to subsidize student tuitions. Until now the only criterion used for granting the subsidies has been the high school the students had attended, but experience has made us realize that this criterion is not enough to guarantee an equal distribution of resources. Therefore, UPS has determined to use more information to create a differentiated subsidy system which is fair and in accordance with the socioeconomic situation of the families of each student.

Another aspect is the new Organic law of higher Education, which states in Art. 90 that "to charge students for the costs of their university studies, private higher education institutions shall try to establish a differentiated system of costs that takes into account every student's socioeconomic level". By means of the socioeconomic form for Differentiated tuitions, Universidad Politécnica Salesiana aims to fulfill the principle of equal opportunities.

However, it is important to mention that the information provided by the students who are already studying in the University will be solely used for statistical purposes and the university will respect the payment system they already have. Nevertheless, the institution will process and verify that the information provided is truthful. If it is not, the applicant will have corresponding administrative sanctions.

The new system of costs based on the socioeconomic form for differentiated tuitions will only be used for new students, i.e. for those students that are registering for the first time for the May- September 2011 semester in the Guayaquil Campus and form September 2011 - February 2012 semester in the Quito and Cuenca Campus.

Thank you for your cooperation

Dear Students:

"After you complete the Differentiated tuition form come to the Student Services department. Come with your parents or legal representative".