Undergraduate programs in Quito

Basic education

Basic education


Approved by the Higher Education Council (CES):



Degree: Bachelor's degree in basic education

Study Mode: On campus

Branch campuses: Cuenca and Quito

Duration: 9 periods



We educate basic education teachers who are capable of organizing and managing educational processes in different sociocultural contexts and can contribute to the learning process of school children with ethics, critical and constructive capabilities that favor positive change in today's education; they are also capable of solving problems in the national education system and creating innovative learning. 


Employment context

Teachers of basic education can handle multiple responsibilities related to: teaching and management of teaching and learning, educational management and administration; take part in consultancy and educational assessment; create educational resources, educational research, teacher training, develop educational projects. 

They can work in several employment contexts such as: formal education institutions, non-formal education institutions such as museums, clubs, centers, summer camps, libraries, etc; institutions that create educational material, educational consultancy services, educational research and civil society organizations.

All these responsibilities are based on four basic profiles of our future professionals: 1. Professional identity; 2. Management of teaching and learning; 3. Professional knowledge and skills; 4. Disciplinary professional skills



Ana María Narvaez