Programs in Quito




Proceso de Inscripción


Approved by the higher education council:


Degree: Bachelor's degree in education sciences


Study mode: On campus

Branch campus: Quito

Duration: 9 semesters




We educate professionals in Education that transform the reality of the logical, ontological, methodological and epistemological content by pondering cultural contextual theories, aimed at subjects that integrate knowledge of cognitive, understanding and social transformation processes from a critical, reflective and proactive perspective to reactivate the interest in knowledge and to enhance cognitive analysis and pedagogical construction, which will respond to the specific context of the National Plan of Good Living.


Job context

Professionals in Education Sciences can work as teachers in basic education and high school, as administrators of educational institutions, as pedagogical advisors of projects. They are able to design projects and educational products, provide training in educational processes, create projects of educational management, organize, execute, monitor and evaluate inclusion processes. 

Professionals in education can work in educational institutions, research institutes, institutions that create educational material, cultural institutions, educational consulting firms, social and community organizations

A professional in education, with a focus on philosophy, can work as a teacher of basic education and high school, a researcher in the field of philosophy, social and educational sciences, an advisor in education, a director of educational projects, work in government and non-government organizations in the field of education and philosophy