Bachelor's degree in philosophy




Proceso de Inscripción


Approved by the higher education council:



Degree: Bachelor's degree in Philosophy

Study mode: On campus

Branch campus: Quito

Duration: 9 semesters



We educate qualified professionals in philosophy who are capable of transforming reality. 


Job context

A professional in philosophy can carry out the following activities:
- Manage projects 
- Researcher and active participant of government and non-government organizations in the field of philosophy and development of thought
- Academic facilitator in logics, development of thought, numeric and linguistic thought 
- Advisor of politics 
- Facilitator to connect philosophy with theology and other similar fields
- Researcher in the field of philosophy and social sciences
- Coordinator of social inclusion activities
- Education Advisor in public and private institutions
- Advisor in the field of epistemology for research processes
- Advisor in culture 
- Creates and edits writings about philosophy, education and social sciences
- Participates in social, educational and cognitive research
- Organizes, executes, monitors and evaluates social inclusion processes
- Creates projects related to philosophy, development of thought and education management
- Advisor in philosophy, development of thought and educational management 



Father Robert Germán García Iturralde