Undergraduate Programs in Quito

Civil Engineering

Resolution of the higher education council (CES):



Degree: Civil Engineer

Study Mode: Full Time On Campus

University branch: Quito

Duration: 10 semesters


We educate civil engineers with sound technical and scientific knowledge who are capable of solving problems in an integral and innovative manner with efficiency and professional ethics, which is required by an intercultural society. He / she plans, designs, builds and operates civil works according to the National Development Plan, the needs of regional development and the demand of the labor market. 

Occupational outlook

Civil engineers can work in the field of services, the construction industry, with influence and interrelation in the agricultural sector.

  • In the service sector: Plan, design and build road infrastructure, urban and rural infrastructure and sanitary infrastructure both in the public and private sector.
  • In the industrial sector: will work in technological research and innovation in order to produce new materials and new construction models that will optimize natural and energy resources. This will contribute to changing the country's production matrix.
  • In the primary sector: will indirectly intervene through means of road infrastructure for the development of trade.



Civil Engineering Director

Germán Vicente Arévalo Bermeo

  • Electronics and telecommunications engineer
  • Diploma in the assessment of higher education
  • Master's degree in Optical Communications and Photonic Technologies


e-mail: garevalo@ups.edu.ec

Blog: www.germanarevalo.ups.edu.ec 





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