Undergraduate programs in Quito

Industrial engineering

Industrial engineering


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Resolution from the Higher Education Council (CES): RPC-SO-34-No.684-2016


Degree: Industrial Engineer

Study mode: On campus

University branches: Cuenca - Guayaquil

Duration: 10 Semesters


This major seeks to educate professionals who are leaders in industrial engineering and committed to sustainable development in order to foster change in the production matrix and competitiveness in idustrial and service companies by optimizing production systems, ensuring quality, security and occupational hygiene, therefore achieving people's well-being. 



An industrial engineer will find many opportunities in the labor market due to his / her wide range of skills related to operations, planning, management, control and improvement of production systems which will enable the creation of quality goods and services with added value that will meet customer needs at lower costs. 

Here are some roles this professional can carry out:

A supervisor of manufacturing and service processes; he / she can control staff, production, work methods, the fulfilment of security and occupational health norms, the accomplishment of quality standards, cleanliness and organization of work places, make decisions on contingencies in risk situations that could interrupt production processes. 

A professional that can contribute to research, development and innovation programs for new products, technologies and its patents, driven by the increase of productivity, competition and the improvement of products and processes.

A specialist in occupational health and safety  that works to improve work methods, identify and evaluate risks and make decisions that will avoid accidents and reduce of impact of diseases.

A business consultant that can design and implement quality, environmental, health and security management systems.

A Production Manager or Supervisor that plans production, the need of materials and programs production processes. He / she organizes, directs and controls operations, as well as makes decisions to favor ongoing improvement

A Procurement Manager who makes decisions of purchases, manages inventories of material, chooses suppliers and creates beneficial relations with them.

A Maintenance Manager who manages corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance plans for production in order to prevent interruptions

A General Manager who masters decision making tools and has broad knowledge in the management of opereations, processes, human resources, materials and finance.

Quality Manager who controls the quality of products and services, designs and implements quality management systems based on national and international norms in order to increase competitive advantages and meet customer needs

Consultants and / or business advisers who designs and implements quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems.

Project manager who develops feasibility studies, evaluates investment projects, plans the scope, time and resources, directs project teams, evaluates project risks and prepares contingency plans, finds sources of short and long funding, determines financial flows and proforma statements.