Undergraduate programs in Quito



Resolution from the Higher Education Council (CES): RPC-SO-18-No.282-2016 Quito - Guayaquil

Degree: Mechatronics Engineer

Study Mode: Full Time On Campus

Branches: Cuenca, Quito, Guayaquil

Duration: 10 semesters


We educate mechatronic engineers with high professional skills, socially responsible and capable of contributing to changing the country's production matrix through the integration of mechatronic systems for the automation of industrial processes that will favor productivity and the quality of products in different sectors. They promote respect for the environment and guarantee the integration of technology, therefore solving current problems.


Mechatronic engineers can work both public and private industries; they are well prepared to work in production processes applied to manufacturing, in systems and mechatronic products.

Roles and activities: Director of the Project Department, Director of the instrumentation department, Operations Manager, Director of the Innovation and Development department, maintenance manager, Technical Manager for the commercialization of mechatronic products and systems, Plant Manager, director of the manufacturing department. On the other hand, a Mechatronics Engineer could or have his/her own business or be a consultant for small and medium-sized enterprises or industries that do not have departments of technological innovation and require constant external advice that provide specific solutions to specific needs of automation and control of processes and equipment


Mechatronics Director

John Armando Morales Garcia


Tel: (7) 2862213 ext. 1199

e-mail: jmoralesg@ups.edu.ec

Blog: www.johnmoralesgarcia.info




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