Raison d'etre

Universidad Politécnica Salesiana is a humanistic and polytechnic institution of higher education based on Christian inspiration, with catholic characteristics and Salesian nature. It is directed to prefer young people from lower income groups, it seeks to educate students to become "honest citizens and good Christians", with academic and human excellence, as well as research and innovative capabilities which will contribute to local and national sustainable development.

By 2023, Universidad Politecnica Salesiana is a higher education institution recognized for seeking the truth, for developing culture, and promoting scientific and technological research. It is socially recognized for its academic excellence, scientific production, social responsibility and for its capacity to influence innovation, interculturality and development.

Universidad Politécnica Salesiana prioritizes the following values:

  • Transcendency: Respect people's dignity, rights and values. Dialogue based on faith and religious practice. 

  • Familiarity. Salesian style of interaction between members of the university community based on respect, trust, generosity and humbleness, in order to encourage the university community during the educational process. 

  • Co-responsibility PAll members of the university community are commited to the institution's educational project. 

  • Solidarity. Seeks to place common wellbeing over one's own particular interests. It encourages peace between people, society and nature. 

  • Honesty: Expresses ethics in life and exercising citizenship.