Raison d'etre

Universidad Politécnica Salesiana is a humanistic and polytechnic institution of higher education based on Christian inspiration, with catholic characteristics and Salesian nature. It is directed to prefer young people from lower income groups and seeks to educate students to become "honest citizens and good Christians" with academic and research capabilities which contribute to local and national sustainable development.

Universidad Politecnica Salesiana's vision is to be a higher education institution recognized for seeking the truth, for developing culture, and promoting scientific and technological research. As well as being socially recognized for its academic excellence, being socially responsible and for its capacity to influence interculturality.

Students, the job market, and everyone else associated with the university describe education at UPS as one that combines values and professional excellence. Although the university has not explicitly defined those values, through the years it has identified some of them, such as:   social responsibility, respect towards people, appreciation of diversity, political commitment, and work as means of a social institution.

One of the characteristics that define the salesian university is its type of relationships, which can be defined as: close interpersonal relationships based on respect and trust.

Another characteristic which inspires the university as a whole is its understanding of a person and society. This characteristic is based on values from the gospel and the traditional salesian preventive pedagogy.

Professional development, lines of research, and the commitment to work with society are marked by faith in young and poor people's capabilities and the commitment to offer excellent education to lower social classes.