Electronic device will improve traffic in emergency situations

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Carlos Bosquez talking about his project to students


Solving traffic problems in cases of emergency is one of the answers of the project titled "Alert system for Emergency Vehicles Using Software-Defined Radio" carried out by Carlos Bosquez, researcher in the university's branch campus in Guayaquil.

Professor Bosquez presented his project during the International Congress on Microwaves Communications, Antennas and Electronic Systems (IEEE COMCAS 2017) held in Tel Aviv (Israel). The project suggests the design of a warning device which is installed in emergency vehicles. This technology can interfere FM radios from cars that are close to the accident and through an audible message let them know they should clear the traffic so the emergency vehicle can get to the place of the accident.

"This system seeks to reduce the time of arrival of emergency vehicles and save lives by having faster health treatment", said Bosquez, who is also professor in the telecommunications undergraduate program.

For professor Bosquez, this project significantly supports the development of research in the telecommunications undergraduate program and encourages students to continue creating projects that help solve problems.

"There can be many contributions that come from the field of telecommunications to help communities, therefore we have to motivate our students so they can create innovative proposals", said Bosquez. 

The IEEE COMCAS 2017 was attended by professors and experts from countries like Israel, USA, Canada, Russia, Japan, China, Brazil and Ecuador. 




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