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Miguel Campaña during his presentation


Researchers from the Smart Grids Research Group presented their project of a model for optimal planning of wireless communication networks during the IEEE Colombian Conference on Communications and Computing (COLCOM 2018) and the IEEE Colombian Conference on Applications in Computational Intelligence (ColCACI 2018); international events that were held in Universidad de Antioquía de Medellín (Colombia).

Esteban Inga and Miguel Campaña spoke to international scientists and researchers about their model and how it can reduce costs of resources and get a connection of smart meters of electrical energy with electric companies. The model has been recognized for its flexibility and ability to adapt to different areas of engineering.

This research group is currently working on a model to solve problems in "Electromobility" in order to include electric vehicles in cities and locate chargers in appropriate places.

The projects that were published in journals were:

• "Optimal Placement of Data Aggregation Points for Smart Metering using Wireless Heterogeneous Networks" written by Esteban Inga, Miguel Campaña, Roberto Hincapié (UPB-Colombia), Sandra Céspedes (UChile-Chile).     

• "Optimal Sizing of Electrical Distribution Networks considering Scalable Demand and Voltage Levels" written by Esteban Inga, Miguel Campaña, Roberto Hincapié (UPB-Colombia).

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