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Víctor Iza, author of the book "Persona, Educación y Filosofía"

Four books written by professors from our branch campus in Guayaquil were presented last week. The books are: "Cuarto Congreso Internacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación para la Sociedad (CITIS): Memoria Académica", "Persona, Educación y Filosofía", "La Gestión de la Responsabilidad Social Empresarial", y "Los Supermercados en Guayaquil: Análisis de la calidad de los Servicios". 

Fabian Villacres, on behalf of the vice president of the university's branch campus in Guayaquil, said "these scientific products contribute to society. Academia should focus on researching topics of interest"

The academic memoir of CITIS, coordinated by Pablo Pérez, Pablo Parra and Andrea Vázquez, is a book that brings together research from different scientific fields showing the relevance of the results in the field of engineering. "We want this text to be a reference book where you can find fresh ideas for new research projects and serve as inspiration to continue contributing in this process of transformation," Pérez said.

The book "Persona, Educación y Filosofía", by Víctor Iza, is a collection of academic and doctoral reflections that have been carried out in the university, this book helped create the Research group in Philosophy, Art and Humanities called " ATARAXIA". "There have been small steps that have given positive results and which begin to develop projects that will link the academy with society in areas that need to be explored with seriousness and commitment," said Iza in the presentation of his book.

The book "La Gestión de la Responsabilidad Social Empresarial" by Eddy Conde and Hernán García, analyzes CSR from a Cuban case study where they propose strategies that support a sustainable development model in companies. "This book seeks to introduce readers to the interesting and once controversial field of CSR, a phenomenon that currently enjoys great notoriety and is subject to attention with an interdisciplinary nature," said the authors.

Finally, the text "Los Supermercados en Guayaquil: Análisis de la calidad de los Servicios", by Professors Raúl Álvarez, Fabián Villacrés, Johanna Founes and Pablo Parra, corresponds to a statistical analysis that allows to determine levels of reliability, personal interaction, quality policies in the purchase and consumption process in the different supermarket chains. 



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