A virtual reality system for road safety education

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UPS and EMOV EP representatives


In order to implement and control actions in the field of mobility to improve citizens' safety and quality of life, Universidad Politecnica Salesiana (UPS) and Empresa de Movilidad, Transito y Transporte (EMOV EC) in the city of Cuenca signed an agreement to create the project: "Road safety education for pedestrians and drivers through virtual reality systems".

The implementation of the project will be in charge of the university's Cloud Computing Smart Cities & High Performance Computing (GIHP4C) Research Group. EMAC EP will provide information regarding events on road safety and places appropriate to carry out the project. 

The university will provide technical and human resources to offer interactive training for drivers and pedestrians, as well as monitor the process of using the system in order to determine its impact.

Juan Carlos Aguirre, director of EMOV EP, said the agreement is aligned with the new vision of transportation in Cuenca, which is to have more training processes and educate citizens instead of the usual fines. 

Finally, Fernando Moscoso, vice president of our branch campus in Cuenca, said the project will benefit citizens since it will strengthen road safety education for children, teens and adults. 


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