Presentation of the book: "Filosofía hoy. Un abordaje interdisciplinario de lo humano"

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The book "Filosofía hoy. Un abordaje interdisciplinario de lo humano"


Our branch campus in Quito held an online meeting to present the book "Filosofia hoy. Un abordaje interdisciplinario de lo humano", published by the university's Abya Yala publishing house and coordinated by professor Darwin Reyes Solis. The book contains writings from foreign professors and members of the Cognitive Sciences Research Group.

The book focuses on two topics: the first is the debate on emotions, analysis of guilt and forgiveness; the second encompasses human knowledge, in their languages, in their psyche, in their way of understanding themselves and the world.

Fernando Pesántez, General Vice President of UPS said: "Presenting this book implies an invitation to look at ourselves as humans in current contexts, to look at ourselves critically to review our ways of living, but above all of feeling". 

Fr. Rómulo San Martín, professor of the Philosophy undergraduate program and director of the Cognitive Sciences Research Group, pointed out that in the book there is a philosophy from the reflection of teachers, researchers and students. "The authors present the relationships between faith, reason, psychology, ethics, rational translation of emotions, behaviors, language and reference," he said.

Francisco Diez Fischer, professor at Universidad Católica de Argentina and author of the article "Hermenéutica táctil", spoke about a philosophy of touch and new methodological orientations that imply the universality of this sensitivity and the recognition of the experience of belonging to the materiality of what one wants to think, including contact with God.

Darwin Reyes, professor of Philosophy, thanked the authors, Abya Yala, researchers, teachers and authorities who made this publication possible. He pointed out that "it is a work dedicated to the emotions of philosophy, language, its formalization as a construction of valid knowledge and offers epistemological foundations for Social Sciences, especially for Psychology; all this within the framework of the current moments lived in pandemic".


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