UPS and Universidad Católica Silva Henriquez signed an agreement

cuenca, 26 June 2015 PDF

César Vásquez, UPS-Cuenca Vice President and Manuel Pérez, General Vice President at U. Silva Henríquez from Chile.

UPS and Universidad Católica Silva Henriquez from Chile signed an inter institutional cooperation agreement that will allow professors, students and administrative staff to go on exchange programs. There will also be undergraduate and postgraduate academic activities, research and community involvement projects.

Cesar Vasquez, UPS-Cuenca Vice President, and Manuel Perez, Academic Vice President at Universidad Catolica Silva Henriquez, were pleased to sign this 5 year agreement and both said this will enable cooperation in several areas of knowledge. 

Finally, Manuel Perez said his visit to UPS allowed him to see the progress in the university's academia and laboratories. 

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