UPS and the Office of the Ombudsman signed an agreement

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Andrés Bayolo (left) and Ramiro Rivadeneira

On June 26th, UPS-Guayaquil and the Office of the Ombudsman signed an inter institutional agreement that will help these institutions evaluate plans, programs, projects, research and studies about the right to housing, according to the university's and the Ombudsman's policies, mission and competencies.

Andres Bayolo, UPS-Guayaquil Vice President, and Ramiro Rivadeneira, Ombudsman of Ecuador, signed the agreement.

Ramiro Rivadeneira said new thoughts occur in childhood and youth, and that this project is aimed at salesian students who will work on research and projects as part of their internship and graduation projects.

the first thing to do, once the agreement is signed, is the field research. This will mark the beginning of all the projects."We plan to hand in the results in one year", said Rivadeneira. 

The 2 year agreement, which can be renewed, also states that both institutions will coordinate and program academic events.

For UPS students, the agreement means they will have the opportunity to apply everything they have learned in class. 



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