Online Request forms


Dear UPS students, in order to optimize university processes, the university has updated its automated system for online requests in its website. 

The new system is to be used by students and staff of the university by using their personal account. 

The most relevant change is that this new version allows you to monitor the status of your request. It easily registers the requests that have been sent and it contains samples of different requests with information regarding the requirements needed for each type of request form. Based on the information you provide, the system itself will forward the request to the corresponding department. 

The online request forms have no cost, but they have the same academic validity as the previous paper request forms. The system also allows you to attach any additional documents to your request.  



To learn more about the new system watch:

•    Tutorial sobre el uso de la Solicitud Online para estudiantes.

•    Tutorial sobre el uso de la Solicitud Online para colaboradores.