UPS-Cuenca Undergraduate Programs

Business Administration

Business Administration students

Approved by the Higher Education Council:


Degree: Bachelor's degree in business administration

Study mode: On campus

Branch campuses: Cuenca, Quito and Guayaquil

Duration: 9 semesters


We educate students to become business administration professionals with academic and research excellence as well as human qualities who will be capable of efficiently creating and managing organizations with the use of information technologies and being ethically and socially responsible in order to contribute to local and national development. 

Professional Profile

A professional with a bachelor's degree in business administration may have several roles according to the conditions of every sector and its development perspectives. They will work in companies, manufacturing industries, finance, banking, and others.

a.    Representative

-    A business administrator acquires the skills needed to work as a formal figure that represents the organization's internal and external public. The administrator disseminates official information regarding the company and therefore has commuications and leadership skills.

-    He / She leads work groups in formal and informal settings and works so that the objectives are fulfilled. 

-    He / She promotes external involvement which help widen the company's scope and opportunities. 

b.    Information
-    He / She manages appropriate data collection which helps control the organization's performance and activities and suggest permanent improvements

-    He / She disseminates information to everyone in the organization and to third parties, if necessary, in a timely manner 

c.    Leadership, strategy management and strategic decision making

-    He / She is a mediator that solves the organization's internal and external conflicts 

-    He / she assigns the resources needed for the organization's normal performance

-    He/ She responsible negotiates agreements and transactions

-    He / she leads the way in processes of change, innovation and new projects

-    He / she guides the organization according to the established strategic plan

-    He / she analyzes economic, political, cultural, technological, legal and social environments needed to interpret reality and tendencies that help identify opportunities and threats

-    He / she creates and implements strategies that guarantee the organization's competitiveness.

-    He /she guarantees that the staff will respond well to the organization's requirements

-    He / she manages the equitable and ethical distribution of earnings. 

Business Administration Director

María Fernanda Guevara Segarra

  • Economist
  • Masters Degree in Business Management

Phone number: 2862213 ext 1342




Docente Correo
Araujo Ochoa Gabriela Isabel
Barrera Salgado Jorge Fernando
Barreto Calle Cristian Fernando
Buele Nugra Irene Gisel
Calle Ramirez Diana Cristina
Campoverde Mora Juan Eugenio
Castillo Serrano Juan Fernando
Cuesta Astudillo Fabian Leonardo
Díaz Gutierrez Cristian Teodoro
Erazo Garzon Jose Felipe
Fernandez Salvador Dominguez Jorge Leoncio
Flores Sisalima Guido Paul
Garcia Baculima Jorge Luis
Gomez Ceballos Gliceria Petrona
Gonzalez Argudo John Eulogio
Gonzalez Velez Monica Gabriela
Guevara Segarra Maria Fernanda
Guevara Segarra Maria Gabriela
Herrera Torres Dora Priscilla
Idrovo Daza Roman Genaro
Jimenez Arevalo Fernanda de los Dolores
Leguizamo Bohorquez Maria Anais
Leon Martinez Fredy Eduardo
Loaiza Martínez María de Lourdes
Mata Torres Jorge Humberto
Mejía Mejía Vicente Leoncio
Mendez Cuenca Ximena Alexandra
Montero Piedra Diego Hernan
Moscoso Calle Nubia Silvana
Ordoñez Idrovo Carlos Arnulfo
Ordoñez Parra Yanice Licenia
Orellana Quezada Dalton Paul
Ortiz Santacruz Saul Orlando
Perez Torres Jorge Antonio
Piedra Mendez Andrea Fabiola
Rojas Narvaez Jorge Bolivar
Salinas Vasquez Juanita Virginia
Serrano Vicuna Santiago Patricio
Toral Sarmiento Adriana De La Nube
Trujillo Espinoza Juan Pablo
Vazquez Loayza Juan Pablo
Vega Luna Ana Julia
Zuñiga Ortega Diana Carolina