The Guillermo Mensi and Mario Rizzini buildings

Universidad Politécnica Salesiana opened in Cuenca in 1994 in the popular and traditional Salesian neighborhood called "Barrio el Vecino", where the Técnico Salesiano high school used to be located. 

UPS has increased its number of students and thus increased and improved its premises, laboratories, libraries, food court, and sports facilities becoming a modern university with around 6000 students. 

The University's modern and functional premises are strategically located two blocks from the Mariscal Lamar Airport and three blocks from the bus terminal.


UPS-Cuenca Vice President

César Vásquez V.


Vice president's secretary: Soledad Aguilar / ext. 1160

Campus secretary: Wilma Mena/ ext. 1152

Admissions coordinator: Ing. Julio Loja / email:

Communication and Culture director: Blas Garzón / email: / ext. 1186

Calle Vieja 12-30 y Elia Liut
Tel.:(593) (7) 2862213 Información ext 1151