Date : 26 / OCT / 2018
Event : First International Salesian Conference On Sustainable Development
Event Type : académico
City : quito

Universidad Politecnica Salesiana invites professionals in the fields of the environment, agriculture and IOT specialists to take part in the First International Salesian Conference on Sustainable Development and present the most recent research, knowledge, ideas, innovations and current developments in sustainable development including environmental and agricultural engineering. 

To contribute in a long-term, viable and globally applicable manner to Sustainable Development, a much wider approach and knowledge exchange is needed. Therefore, the aim of the conference is to bring together international researchers and developers from academia and the industry so they can discuss the most recent developments in the fields of sustainable development. 

The topics of the conference will include:

• Energy conversion and storage.

• Human impact on biodiversity.

• Organic resources.

• Importance of IOT in sustainable agriculture.

• Precision agriculture.

• Recent developments in green energy.

• Bioresources.

• Start-ups and sustainable development.

• Sustainable chemistry in environmental science.

• Sustainable chemistry in agriculture.

• Sustainable development in developing countries.

• Green and sustainable chemistry education.

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