Date : 15 / SEP / 2016
Event : Doctorate and Research Stay Scholarships
Event Type : académico
City : ups

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) invites people to participate in the call for doctorate and research stay scholarships. The scholarships are aimed at Ecuadorian researchers who wish to go to Germany for one of the following purposes:

-    Study a complete doctorate (usually takes 3 years). Call

-    A research stay at a doctorate or post doctorate level (1-6 months)

-    A research stay at a doctorate or post doctorate level (7-10 months)

-    A doctorate stay according to the bi-national model (1-2 years), for people who wish to study a doctorate in Ecuador

The scholarship holder will get:

- 750 Euros monthly for those with undergraduate degree, 1000 Euros monthly for those with master's degree.
- 460 euros per year for study and research
- Airline tickets
- Health insurance
- A German course in Germany for up to six months fully funded (including accommodation, meals, etc. Only applies for research stays of more than 6 months).
- For bi-national model doctorate, there can be payment for travel expenses for tutors as long as it was included in the application.


- DAAD provides no age limit to apply to this call. However, they should take into account the requirements such as the expiry of the last academic degrees obtained. To see all the information about this and other requirements, consult the call.
- Knowledge of language should be accredited, the language in which the doctorate will be developed, in agreement with the German university and tutor (usually English or German).
- They may not nominate candidates who have lived more than 15 months in Germany.

Deadline of 2016 call

-    The deadline for request forms for complete doctorates, post doctorates and research stays of over 6 months is September 15. The details to apply can be found in the call. Follow them closely
-     The request forms for research stays of up to 6 months have the following dates:
      December 1: for stays in the period from May 1 2017 to April 30 2018
      April 1, 2017: for stays in the period from September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018

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