Date : 29 / NOV / 2016
Event : 1st Preparation Course on Women's Soccer
Event Type : académico
City : cuenca

The university’s physical education major in Cuenca, the Carneras womens soccer team and the Ecuadorian Soccer Federation have organized the 1st Preparation course on Women’s Soccer. The course begins on November 29th and ends on December 2nd; it will be held in the university’s Luis Alberto Auditorium and the soccer field.

The topics will be: 

-    Guidelines for field work
-    Sport injuries
-    Physical, technical and strategy preparation
-    Planning for a game

The course will be led by members of the coaching staff of the women’s national soccer team led by head coach Vanessa Arauz. Kenneth Zseremeta, head coach of the Venezuelan women’s national soccer team that played in the last U-17 world cup in Jordan 2016, will also attend. 

Players of the Ecuadorian U-20 women’s national soccer team will also be in Cuenca and will take part in the course which is aimed at coaches, physical education professors and students and the overall public.

Date: November 29th – December 2nd 
Place: Luna Tobar Auditorium 

For more information contact:
Franklin Ramon
Telephone number: 0996495792 / 0994559769

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