Date : 18 / JAN / 2017
Event : Seminar: Technological advances in clinical veterinary laboratories
Event Type : académico
City : cuenca

The veterinary medicine major in the university’s branch in Cuenca invites you to take part in the Seminar-Workshop titled “Technological advances in clinical veterinary laboratories” which will take place in Unidad Educativa Agronomico Salesiano, in Paute from the 18th the 21st of January. 

The topics will be:

• Blood chemistry 
• Hematology
 • Immunology 
• Quality of milk
The speakers will be:

Gabriela Chávez, Patricio Sandoval, Fabián Jaramillo, Kile Smith, Yvonne Anzola, Hernán Calderón, Luis Rodrigo Saa and Jacques Delbecque.

Register in the following link:

Place: Unidad Educativa Agronómico Salesiano- Uzhupud-Paute
Date: January 18 -21
Time: 08h00-17h45


For more information contact: Dr. Cristian Sagbay 


Phone number: 0979077588 // 2862213 ext. 1281

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