Date : 16 / FEB / 2017
Event : Cinema and forum: Pescadores del Mar Verde
Event Type : vinculación
City : quito

The Ecuadorian Salesian Inspectorate, Universidad Politecnica Salesiana and the Abya Yala Museum invite you to the cinema and forum on the salesian movie: “Pescadores del Mar Verde”.

The movie is about two young Jibaros who are going to study in the Salesian missions, they are invited to join the Shuar community life and learn about their habits and instructing themselves in the field of education and farming of land . The film manages to revive Salesian history in the Vicariate of Mendez and the Shuar people.

This event will be attended by Father Juan Bottasso, director of the historical archive; Jose Juncosa, vice president of the university’s branch in Quito, and Kintianua Petsain, representatative of the Shuar community.

There will also be a photograph exhibition.

Date: February 16th
Place: “El Girón” campus, building A
Time: 17h30

For more information contact:

Nathaly Orbe


Telephone number: 3 962 800 Ext. 2165

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