UPS-Cuenca Undergraduate Programs

Management for Local Sustainable Development

Degree: Bachelor's Degree in Management for Local Sustainable Development

Study Mode: Distance

Class Availability: Distance mode

Campus: Cuenca and Quito

Duration: 8 semesters


The aim of this major is to educate professionals in local sustainable development from a humanistic, intercultural, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspective directed at building an equal society

Professional Profile

  • The graduate's professional profile (methodological and instrumental) will reflect his / her capacity to relate to local, national and regional spaces. He / she will have enough methodologies, tools, and mechanisms to promote sustainability and self –management. He /she will be willing to strengthen the organizational culture. 
  • This professional will have the right tools and aptitudes to prosper with communities and local organizations. He / she will be conscious with protecting the environment and environmental rights, as well as being capable of contributing with the creation of sustainable communities. He / she will be able to join other projects in the country and Latin America. He / she will also be capable of directing social processes, formulating projects, and carrying out local sustainability processes. 
  • There are great labor opportunities available locally and nationally due to the country's decentralization process which is looking for autonomous organizational alternatives


Sustainable Development Director

Dalton Paul Orellana Quezada

  • Economist
  • Masters Degree in Business Management
  • Masters Degree in Education


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