Energy Research Group


Wind, hydro, tidal, thermal, and solar energy are several ways we can generate energy, and they currently represent fundamental research worldwide. The need to gradually reduce the costly and uncomfortable dependence of oil, environmental care and protection, and the supply of energy to remote areas where conventional systems cannot get to, are one of the most important aims at present.

Due to its geographic location, Ecuador has significant advantages for the exploitation of renewable energies. However, high costs make its use limited. For instance, the use of solar thermal energy to generate sanitary hot water for single family or multifamily homes could be greatly used within an urban area in order to cut down the emission of pollutants and the dependence of fossil fuels. 

Moreover, the current government policies foster a change in Ecuador's energy model which seeks to gradually displace polluting fuels with environmentally friendly ecological fuels. However, to reduce environmental damage, changing the energy sources is not enough. It is essential that we optimize energy use with more efficient and low cost systems.  

In this regard, and in order to formalize research processes in the field of energies at UPS, in 2010 a group of Electrical and Electronic professors at UPS-Cuenca created the electrical systems and power electronics group (GSEEP, in Spanish); their work was to optimize used systems in both areas. The group later merged with professors from mechanical engineering and this led to the creation of the Energy Researh Group (GIE).




Research, develop and innovate science and technology in the energy field in order to contribute with the change in Ecuador's energy model and improve people's living conditions. 

Lines of Research


  • Optimization of energies and renewable energies



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