Electronics and Telematics Research Group


The Electronics and Telematics Research Group (GIETEC for its acronym in Spanish) is committed to sustainable social and economic development of the region and the country through assimilation, adaptation and generation of technologies in the area of telematics systems and apply them to solving the most important needs needs in the fields of telecommunications, health, education, environment and economy, in the context of the knowledge society.

GIETEC was established in 2008 due to a series of research projects conducted by a group of professors who were interested in working on project that would benefit society and the university community. The current members of GIETEC all hold a PhD degree and have helped turn this relatively new research group into one of the leading groups of the university. It writes an average of 10 papers per year (80% of which have been indexed to SCOPUS-ISI). GIETEC currently has the best telecommunications laboratory in the country.

Additionally, GIETEC has collaboration agreements with several national and international networks and research groups, such as the Ecuadorian network of telecommunications majors, the telecommunications and computing research group from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Colombia, the Optical Telecommunications Group from Italy and others.



-    To use telematics technologies in the development of new telecommunications services and information for users, increasing its quality, coverage and                     effectiveness. 

-    To improve telecommunications services in lower density or lower income areas by offering operators management tools to optimize their resources and increase their competitiveness.

-    To generate and validate methodologies and tools for the development of projects in telematics systems.

-    Provide the country with highly qualified staff to assimilate and take advantage of new information and communications technologies, and support the development of new telematics applications.





  • Telecommunications and information technologies


  • Telematics applied to medicine


  • Telematics applied to process automation


  • Redes de telecomunicaciones de nueva generación.







Germán Arévalo 
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