Management of SMEs Research Group


Due to the changes in the country's production models, it is imperative to encourage competitiveness in small and medium enterprises. Therefore, we must look for new business development schemes, especially management systems that clearly describe a long term vision that will integrate everyone involved in the production process. This approach consolidates the initiative of association (clusters, industrial districts, etc.) as a business strategy in order to increase production levels and improve its position in the market.

The aim of this group is to: Define a management model for small and medium sized enterprises in the province of Azuay that will integrate innovative elements which are suitable for its context, as a contribution that will help change the country's production models with its philosophy of "Good living".  


1.    Analyze SMEs based on the use of their productive capacities, means for innovation, financing, and use of ICTs. 

2.    A continuing education program for entrepreneurs.

3.    Alternative proposals to encourage innovation and competitiveness. 

4.    Proposals of other financing alternatives. 

5.    Proposals to improve the use of ICTs.

6.    Proposals of new policies for small enterprises in accordance to the country's expectations. 


Lines of Research


  • Community economy, Commmunity finance and Micro, small and médium enterprises.
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation







Ph.D. Gliceria Petrona Gómez Ceballos






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Ph.D. Gliceria Petrona Gómez Ceballos

Ing. Rosalba Elixzandra Pesantez Chica

Lcdo. Marcos Xavier Chaca Lucero

Eco. Dalton Paúl Orellana Quezada

Lcdo. Santiago Patricio Serrano Vicuña

Ing. Juan Pablo Vázquez Loaiza

Eco. César Enrique Vásquez Vásquez

Ing. Dora Priscila Herrera Torres

Eco. Nubia Silvana Moscoso Calle