Cloud Computing, Smart Cities & High Perfomance Computing


The university's Cloud Computing, Smart Cities & High Performance Computing- GIHP4C- research group is made up by professors and students who conduct research on cloud computing, internet of things, data mining, image and video processing, and others. 

It is the present and future of information processing, high performance computing. It allows us to process tons of data in very short time, it is also used for data mining, statistical analysis, text processing, images, videos, and so on. High performance computing generates new and unlimited areas of study, from astrophysics to political tendencies in social networks, which demonstrates the importance of this research field

Smart cities represent a strong and current tendency, not only as a tool that improves people's quality of life but as a means for citizens, governments and state of the art technologies to be interconnected. This research allows us to improve people's quality of life, reduce the carbon footprint, efficient use of energy, garbage collection and treatment, mobility, education, prevent risks or natural disasters, etc








Lines of Research

Cloud computing 

o    Distributed systems
o    Infrastructure as a service (IAAS)
o    Software as a service (SASS)

Smart Cities

o    Internet of things
o    Advanced networks
o    Embedded systems

High Performance Computing

o    Parallel programming 
o    Big data
o    Text, image and video processing



Gabriel Alejandro León Paredes 






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Pablo Gallegos Segovia
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Walter Verdugo Romero
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Gustavo Bravo Quezada
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