Smart Electricity Networks



This group develops, designs, evaluates and recommends methodologies and technologies to facilitate communication between the different stages of the electrical system, which will thus facilitate the optimal route map to obtain a "smart electricity network" focused on the system's reliability and efficiency.

The group also develops and implements applications for the use of alternative energies through generic methodologies of climate analysis and specialized technologies for power generation, microgeneration and distributed generation.

One of the aims of the group is to communicate research results that will influence the decisions of the Ecuadorian electrical sector..


The group offers the following products and services:

•    Design and plan transmission networks in order to have more efficient and reliable networks
•    Simulation development
•    Solve engineering problems
•    Analyze the integration of renewable energy technologies in systems connected to networks
•    Analyze the integration of renewable energy technologies in systems not connected to networks
•    Analyze and design automation and control systems in the electrical sector.
•    Analyze power systems, design, simulation and electrical planning
•    Design management systems for the demand of electric power
•    Analyze communication protocols focused on creating solutions for advanced metering and electrical micro grids. 




Contributions to the business sector

•    Improve people's quality of life by developing devices and application for Smart Grid
•    Improve industrial processes and designs through simulation and optimization
•    Offer specific solutions that will integrate micro grid components for people in remote areas and improve their quality of life.
•    Reduce the economic impact for residential and business users by optimizing their use of electric power and using renewable energies. We also encourage the use of new technologies for smart metering and projections of electric demand. 
•    The Project is highly related to the Ecuadorian National Development Plan.




Results applied to businesses

•    Pilot research laboratory in Campus Kennedy aimed at the development of integral and sustainable solutions for communities in remote areas, based on the concept of micro grids.
•    Pilot research laboratory aimed at evaluating the performance of renewable energies that are integrated to the distribution system.
•    Pilot research laboratory that evaluates the performance of wireless communications for smart metering infrastructure of electric power in Smart Grid
•    Methodologies that help select analysis models, tools and technologies that allow us to characterize and quantify the  requirements and impacts of induction cookers in the electrical systems
•    Analyze automation systems of electric substations using IED's
•    Pilot laboratory to test equipment and clothing for staff that work in high voltage electrical fields



Beneficiaries: The public sector, private companies that are interested in learning how to enhance their efficiency, reliability and quality. tica.


Experience with companies 

  • Empresa Eléctrica Quito
  • Ministerio de Electricidad y Energía Renovables
  • Instituto Nacional de Eficiencia Energética y Energías Renovables
  • Franz Viegener – FV


Strategic partners

 Inter institutional agreement with the Ministry of Electricity and Rewnable Energy




Lines of Research

  • Smart electrical networks

  • Renewable energies

  • Reliability and quality of electric power

  • Planning and management of electrical networks

  • Transmission and distribution of electrical energy

  • Automation and control of the power electrical system





Esteban Inga Ortega

  • Master in Education and Social Development
  • Electrical engineering director
  • Coordinator of the GIREI Research Group
  • Doctoral students in Engineering-Telecommunications
  • Line of research-Electrical networks
  • Topic- Optimal planning for deployment heterogeneous wireless networks in advanced metering infrastructure required for Smart Grid






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