El Centenario Campus

Universidad Politécnica Salesiana's branch campus in Guayaquil opened to meet the needs of the country's biggest city and economic capital. Prestigious high schools in Guayaquil, such as Cristóbal Colón, Domingo Comín, Domingo Savio, María Mazarello and María Auxiliadora, were the support for opening UPS-Guayaquil.

Domingo Comin high school and its technical institute encouraged UPS to be created in Guayaquil; after opening in Cuenca and Quito in 1994, UPS-Guayaquil officially opened on September 23rd, 1998 with two undergraduate programs, Electronic engineering and Education sciences. 

Because of the high demand, high schools that were being used by the university to teach its classes were not enough; and so the university realized it needed to have its own premises. That is when it began to build the Centenario Campus. 

UPS- Guayaquil's student population has been constantly growing and so has its infrastructure. We currently have modern premises equipped with the most advanced technology to serve over 5000 students. 


UPS-Guayaquil Vice president:

Andrés Bayolo Garay


Vice president´s secretary: Sheyla García / ext. 4403

Campus secretary: Karla Romero / ext. 4407

Admissions coordinator: Carlos Luis Pérez / e-mail: / ext. 4474

Communication and Culture Director: Silvestro Montanaro / correo: / ext. 4540

Chambers 227 y 5 de Junio
Tel.:(593) 4 2590-630