Regular enrollment dates: March 15 - 24, 2017

Late enrollment dates: March 27 - April 103, 2017

Special enrollment: April 11 - 25, 2017

Classes begin on: March 27, 2017 






 We recommend using Firefox  (Download Firefox) to enroll:.

Learn how to enroll online step by step:


• Check scheules at:
• Check the calendar to know exactly when your online enrollment will be. 
• Rember to present your socioeconomic form at the student services department (if you are a new student), deferred payments, scholarships or student loans with social responsibility (CERS).
• Enroll via internet:, and follow the steps 
• The electronic invoice will be sent to your email. In case you need your invoice to be under someone else's name, type in that person's name before saving your pre-registration. (Invoices cannot be eliminated)

Students must enroll in previous subjects they have not yet taken or passed. In case space in that class is not available you must go to the secretary's office to enroll.

Process to change groups on-line:
Students who wish to change the group they have been assigned to for one of their classes, can change it online, after they have paid their corresponding fees, during the first week of class.
In case students are not able to change their group online, they must present a request form to the faculty director and attach any certificate that validates the change. 

• Fill in the credits' form with your main subjects and additional courses, which must be approved by the faculty director. 
• Go to the secretary's office and pre register
• The electronic invoice will be sent to your email. In case you need your invoice to be under someone else's name, tell the secretary (Invoices cannot be eliminated).

CASH: 6 hours after pre registering you can go to either Banco del Pacifico or Banco del Austro to pay the corresponding amount. Present you ID and pre registration invoice, you do not need a deposit slip.
• Once your cash payment is done, it will automatically be saved in the University's systems. Check your email for the invoice. 
• CERTIFIED CHECK OR CREDIT CARD:  once you have pre registered you can pay with a certified check or credit card at the university's treasury department. 


Once classes have begun, make sure your name is on your professors attendance sheets. If not, take the pre registration invoice to the university's treasury department right away.