The Robotics Club won several medals in the World Robotchallenge Championship

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Members of the UPS team in the "Robochallenge International Robotics Competition" Romania 2017

The university's robotics club won one silver medal and three bronze medals in the 10th World Robotics Robotchallenge Championship in Bucharest, Romania.

This competition is considered one of the most important in this field in Europe; there were participants from Rumania, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, France, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ecuador. 

The UPS team was made up by students from Cuenca and Guayaquil. The students from Cuenca were guided by professor Paul Chasi, the students who made up the team were: David Barrera, Daniel Galarza, Marcia Hidalgo, Kevin León, Kevin Mosquera, Esteban Pinos, César Saquicela, Julio Cabrera, Christian Córdova, Xavier Delgado, Sandro González, Luis Gordillo, Mauricio Huillcatanda,0 Edisson Pugo, Jorge Cuzco, Paúl Delgado  and José Sanango .

From Guayaquil: David Carpio, Ana Zambrano, Malik Arcentales, Ángel Manzano and John Guzmán. They were guided by professor Byron Lima.     
The UPS team participated in the following categories: football, humanoid robots, line follower, mini sumo, micro sumo and maze. The results were:

- 2nd place in the "Robot Humanoides" category. Won by David Barrera and Esteban Pinos with their humanoid "Deepro".    

- 2nd place in the "Football" category won by Sandro González, Luis Gordillo and Edisson Pugo. 

- 3rd place in the "Robot humanoides" category and "Sumo de humanoides" category won by Julio Cabrera and Kevin Mosquera with their robot "Arrow".   

"The results obtained in this competition is due to all the hard work, dedication, responsibility and teamwork of our students", said Paul Chasi.
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