The course on work inclusion for people with visual impairment came to an end

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Participants of the course

On November 10th, the university's branch campus in Guayaquil held a closing ceremony for the course "ICTs for the inclusion of people with visual impairment". The course was organized by the Information and Communication Technologies for Disabilities Research Group (TICAD for its acronym in Spanish Grupo de Investigación de Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación Asociadas a Discapacidad (TICAD)) and the Support Center for inclusion Centro de Apoyo para la Inclusión (CAI).
This course was part of an annual planning for several courses that are aimed at encouraging micro entrepreneurship and work inclusion of people with disabilities. 80 people attended the course, there were professors from different education institutions, students and people with disabilities. 
 "To have efffective inclusion, people without disabilites must also be trained, only then will there be an appropriate interaction and guidance", said Alice Naranjo, coordinator of the TICAD research group.
The topics of the course were:
- Introduction to computing through NVDA
- JAWS screen reader
- NVDA – Level 1
- Quickbraille
On the other hand, they also talked about an english course and workshops aimed at helping entrepreneurs in the field of administration, management and digital marketing. "We have worked to create work inclusion for people with disabilities and these activities are very useful for them", said Carlos Pozo, representative of the National Federation of the Blind in Ecuador (FENCE for acronym in Spanish).
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