IEEE in Guayaquil has new members

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The new members of the IEEE studetns branch in Guayaquil

The IEEE student branch in Guayaquil held a formal event to name new members who will strengthen the process of technological innovation, scientific research and encourage the active participation of students and professors.

The event was attended by UPS President Javier Herran, the vice president of the university's branch campus in Guayaquil Andres Bayolo, the representative of the IEEE student activities in Ecuador Henry Suarez and the President of the university's student federation (FEUPS) Luis Moran. 

UPS president Javier Herran said the university is not simply about repeating concepts, but about creating competencies to solve problems in society. "To develop competencies, listening is not enough. We must do, we don't want to be a university that teaches, we want to be a university that learns", he said. 






Alexis Uquillas

Electronic engineering

Vice president

Jean Carlos Garay

Electronic engineering


Jhon Suárez

Electronic engineering


Génesis Solano

Electronic engineering


After presenting the new members they held some induction conferences about IEEE Ecuador and what it means to be an IEEE engineer. 
"Being part of the IEEE Student Branch is being part of the change the world needs, with new ideas, new approaches and benefits that help solve problems in society," said UPS professor Galo Valverde. during his talk. 

For Monica Miranda, tutor of the IEEE Branch in Guayaquil, this student group offers a number of benefits that help them develop personally and professionally. "In this Institute of worldwide scope students can enjoy scholarships, budgets for the development of projects, as well as participate 

Major: ingeniería de sistemas, ingeniería eléctrica, ingeniería electrónica, todas

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