Students took donations to families in Guayaquil

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Students taking donations to "la Unión"


Members of the university's voluntary groups in Guayaquil took construction materials and recreational tools to residents from "La unión" and "Maria Auxiliadora de la Flor".

Students who are part of these groups live a social experience which is full of solidarity for those who need it the most. "The university has attended several vulnerable sectors in the city and they focus their work on children, adolescents and the elderly", said Josué Intriago, coordinator of the voluntary group in Guayaquil.

Students also helped build a chapel in "Maria Auxiliadora de la Flor", "we've had this idea since the beginning of this project and now it has become a reality", said Intriago. 

Fabricio Loaiza, representative of "Maria Auxiliadora de la Flor" said these donations will help improve the community, "these activiites contribute to social wellbeing in the community, there have been great changes", he said.

In "La union" the group has carried out several activities such as flea markets, classes for children, adolescents and the elderly and pastoral activities. "We seek to create a favorable environment for the development of the community", said John Avila.

These campaigns have been going on since the month of December and will soon continue with donations in "San Nicolás" and the "Nuestra Madre del Carmen" children's home. 


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