ACI Student Chapter Salesiana UIO

ACI Student Chapter Salesiana UIO


The ACI Student Chapter Salesiana UIO (American Concrete Institute Student Chapter in our branch campus in Quito) is a group made up of students from the Civil Engineering undergraduate program in our branch campus in Quito, whose main objective is to encourage and support the interest of students in engineering, related to the subject of concrete and related materials through the dissemination of educational, academic and research information. Activities such as those listed below are carried out periodically in order to strengthen students' knowledge, allow them to empower themselves of the possibilities and challenges that concrete offers as a construction material in our environment.


  1. Encourage the interest of university students in the American Concrete Institute. 
  2. Promote participation in activities related to the design, construction, manufacture, use and maintenance of products and structures where the main component is concrete and related materials. 
  3. Disseminate current available knowledge, referring to studies and research of concrete and applications in our environment in the future. 
  4. Create opportunities for student participation and contribute to academic improvement, inside and outside the Institution in the development of scientific, technological, social and cultural research. 
  5. Enforce the rights of all members and take responsibility for the fulfillment of duties within the exercise of their university activity in the Student Chapter.


Become a student chapter with academic and scientific excellence in order to serve society. 


  • Carry out conference on topics related to this field.
  • Hold workshops on various topics for Civil Engineering students and the general public.
  • Organize competitions within the Civil Engineering program to put academic and technical knowledge into practice.
  • Carry out dissemination campaigns for the student chapter.
  • Participate in external competitions related to the activities of the American Concrete Institute.
  • Support the Civil Engineering Program in collective activities in which the chapter may be required.


Lucero Serrato 
Phone number: 099 817 7670

Byron Altamirano 
Phone number: 098 373 1944


Daniel Proaño


Phone number: 099 660 6776