Automation Mechatronics Solutions (AMS)

Presenting one of the automation projects


The Automation Mechatronics Solutions (AMS) Group was created by a group of students who wish to use their knowledge to contribute to society by developing social, environmental and technological projects. Through several events, the group disseminates all the technological projects created within the university. 



The AMS Group is made up by a group of students who are interested in creating innovative projects to contribute to social, environmental and technological development.



The AMS Group will be recognized as a group that creates social projects and activities with the support of technology created by students.   



Develop social, environmental and technological projects 
Design and build robots
Research the latest technology
Academic conferences
Participate in national and international robotic competitions
Participate in activities to encourage companionship 


  • Name: Caridad Josefina León Ochoa
  • Email:
  • Cell phone 0979975735