Student Assistance Group

Student Assistance Group


The Student Assistance group started in 2004 as an initiative suggested by the student services department. In 2017, the group consolidated its work through peer mentoring and starts being coordinated by the pastoral department and the Educational Innovation Research Group.


We are a group of students from different undergraduate programs committed to improving other students' learning, helping reduce dropout rates and repetition.


To be a group recognized for providing academic support in a friendly environment in order to help students improve their learning. 


  • Participate in Salesian activities
  • Peer mentoring for first year students
  • Participate in training sessions on teaching methodologies
  • Participate in workshops on human development
  • Participate in the university's Open House
  • Participate in National Salesian Group Meetings


  • Name: Marco Vinicio Ordoñez Jara
  • Email:
  • Cell phone 0958926891


  • Name: Kevin Iván Carpio Sanchez
  • Email:
  • Cell phone: 0985289002