Civil Costruyendo un futuro

Soccer championship organized by the civil engineering group


The civil engineering undergraduate program has had a high demand in the southern part of the country and many young students want to study this field. In this regard, there are currently a great number of students who do not live in the city of Cuenca and therefore we have the Civil engineering group which help disseminate information to all students at Universidad Politecnica Salesiana and the general public.



Create a space free of discrimination of any kind in order to have meetings and activities that help encourage students' academic skills.



Be a salesian group that stands out in the university community and in society in general as a space that provides students the opportunity for integral development.



  • Soccer championships
  • Expo UPS 2019
  • Civil engineering projects applying fluid mechanics and applied topography



Jonnathan Dario Santos Benítez


07-4135250- ext 1386



Juan Diego Carpio