Dibujando Sonrisas


The group "Dibujando Sonrisas" carries out recreational activities for children and teenagers from the community of "San Nicolas" in the canton of Samborondon, Guayaquil. It works to create a friendly environment full of empathy and solidarity. Its activities are:
Pastoral activities
Recreational activities with children and teenagers
School tutoring
Projects in electronics, robotics and computing
Community engagement projects
Projects to support small businesses



The group "Dibujando Sonrisas" has been around for two years. It is made of 36 students who carry out social work in the community of San Nicolas, located in the canton of Samborondon, Guayaquil. The community is surrounded by farming areas of rice and fruits, and is full of colorful houses. 


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of less privileged people by providing pleasant experiences and resources to support their development. We create recreational activities for children and based on values and the principles of Don Bosco's preventive system.


Be a group of proactive young students that promote generosity and equal opportunities among communities, provide children dignity and be committed to creating a better society by encouraging students to volunteer as members of this group and adopt a life of philanthropy. 


Name: John Alejandro Ávila Bailón

Email: javila@ups.edu.ec

Cell phone: 0939571119

Tel. and extension: 042 295063 ext. 4430


Name: Luiggi Jousell Cedeño Gonzabay

Email: lcedenog@est.ups.edu.ec

Cel phone 0983361485  – 0998022006 (Whatsapp)

Tel. and extension: 042 295063 ext. 4430