The Free Software Group (GASOL for its acronym in Spanish) is made up by a group of students from our branch campus in Guayaquil who support innovation and the philosophy of Free Software. We disseminate technology and innovation, both proprietary and free software, so it is people's free choice. We provide information about the benefits of information technologies.


Learn, share and disseminate information about Free Software for use in and out of the institution in order to lead to academic improvement by creating spaces for research through experimentation.


To be representatives of Universidad Politécnica Salesiana in the use of Free Software in Latin American academic events.


VERIT Project: The purpose of this project is to train people with visual disabilities of any age and make them participate in technological advances and thus respond to social and labor demands.

The number of people with visual disabilities has increased in recent years, as shown by the statistical data of INEC. However, current state policies converge towards inclusion. The academic group of free software intends to contribute to this issue and motivated by the social inspiration of Don Bosco, we intend to help people who suffer from this disability in the implementation of technological supports that are useful to favor their inclusion in society and work.

Campus KID: This project is carried out for children. GASOL and the computing engineering undergraduate program provides a space for technological interaction to children who have not interacted or have an basic interaction with technological products.