Higher Education Research Group



The university's Higher Education Research Group (GICCEES for its acronym in Spanish) fosters and strengthens the development on university research. Research is what gives teaching, community involvement and social reality its identity and meaning. 

The group is made up by UPS professors who have majored in several areas and hold postgraduate degrees in the field of pedagogy or education sciences.

Through several research processes conducted by different people within the university, as well as external participants, the aim of the group is to support the development and improvement of the university's undergraduate and postgraduate programs.






The group was created by professors who are currently pursuing a PhD degree in Education in Universidad de la Habana. Thanks to their education and experience, they conduct research related to several problems in the university


Who are we?


UPS professors associated with research, teaching and administration processes, who conduct research on several issues regarding higher education.


Mission statement


To contribute to the university's identity and culture through research processes that emerge and develop from a context in which the university has specific implications, thus assuring quality.



To become a benchmark regarding the reality of higher education 




  • To promote and strengthen university research in the university's programs


-    To carry out research on problems in higher education
-    To provide opportunities where people can reflect and get feedback about issues related to research in higher education, teaching and community involvement.
-    To promote change towards continuous improvement based on scientific analysis of several problems regarding the university.


Lines of research


•    Education policies and teacher training
•    Evaluative research and education
•    Inclusive education, policies, culture and inclusive practices
•    Social responsibility, redistribution of wealth and quality of life
•    Education and Technologies



Edgar Efrain Loyola Illescas






Name Email Google Scholar Other
Pablo Cornelio Farfán Pacheco
Fausto Gil Sáenz Zavala
Armando Lizardo Romero Ortega
Raquel Victoria Jara Cobos
Xavier Mauricio Merchán Arízaga    
Jaime Enrique Padilla Verdugo    
Ana María Narváez Garzón    
Ángela Cecilia Flores Ortiz
Fernando Napoleón Solórzano Martínez
Félix Roberto Rangel Donoso    
Juanito Arias Luna
Juan Alcides Cárdenas Tapia    
Luis Alfonso Álvarez Rodas    
Víctor Fernando Moscoso Merchán
Edgar Efrain Loyola Illescas