Research and Development of Industrial Technologies


The aim of the Research and Development of Industrial Technologies Group (GIDTEC) is to meet the technical, technological and research needs in the industrial maintenance sector.

The work conducted within this research group contribute to the following objectives, policies and guidelines in the 2013 – 2017 Good Living Plan.

  • Encourage the transformation of the production matrix
  • Foster the creation of technical skills and service management in order to contribute to the change in the production matrix.
  • Connect education and research in order to generate technical and management skills in order to stimulate change in production.
  • Connect research, technology and higher education with the production sector in order to constantly improve productivity and competitiveness. 



The group's main activities are:

-    Diagnosis of faults in bearings and gears through vibration signals by using computer techniques and artificial intelligence.
-    Get involved with the local and national industry to carry out diagnosis of faults in mechanical systems
-    Work with foreign universities to develop projects regarding fault diagnosis.



GIDTEC's goals are to:

-    Become leaders in fault diagnosis for mechanical systems in Latin America.
-    Present proposals to national and / or international institutions to work technological development projects in the field of industrial systems diagnosis.
-    Be the national leaders in condition based maintenance. 




Lines of Research


1. Organization of technological production and innovation

  • Numerical simulation of industrial processes

       Simulation of industrial processes

  • Industrial maintenance

       Condition based maintenance

2.    Control engineering and automation technologies

  • Vibrations and noise

      Control and measurement of vibrations and noise

  • Technical Diagnosis

3.    Computer systems and artificial intelligence

  • Processing and data mining

       Signal processing techniques, computing, artificial intelligence, statistics applied to industrial systems





René Vinicio Sanchez Loja




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