Educational Innovation Group

Mathemtics for the Web 2.0 - EIG-MATH 2.0

Approval N° 041-02-2017-02-22



The mission of the educational innovation group in mathematics for the Web 2.0 is to respond to the educational challenges of the digital era, transform the functions of professors according to the principles of the university's educational model and provide ubiquitous and interactive learning environments that meet the needs of students and their professional education. 


The vision of the Math 2.0 educational innovation group is the consolidation of learning exact sciences through the implementation of recognized learning methodologies and according to the demands of the knowledge society, becoming a benchmark within our line of work at  Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, so that through activities and proposals of learning environments, the academic community can take part in the new challenges of the digital age, especially the less favored youth.



  • Didactics and alternative learning methodologies.

  • Information and communication materials and technologies in training processes.




  • Rodolfo Bojorque Chasi

  • Jorge Perez Torres

  • Julio Loja Quezada

  • Natalia Gonzalez Álvarez

  • Jhison Romero Romero

  • Luis González Delgado



Rodolfo Bojorque