The Teaching and Learning of Engineering Sciences Research Group


Education is key in all aspects of our lives, we start learning as soon as we are born, and with the help of education we become a fundamental part of the development of our society and our country.

In all levels of education, people think that knowing what you have to teach is enough, but it does not work that way, if it were, there would not be so many learning and teaching problems, and evaluations would have positive results.

In engineering, students encounter similar problems, their academic performance is low and many end up failing subjects and have to study them again for a second or third time. Therefore, it is imperative that we look for new "tools" that help students overcome cognitive obstacles and significantly improve the teaching – learning process.





-    To encourage the use of ICTs in the teaching process of basic engineering subjects
-    To foster group work in the teaching -  learning process
-    To suggest ideal teaching methods that will allow significant learning






Lines of research


  •  Education and Technologies
  •  Pedagogy in higher education
  •  Innovative methods for teaching / learning





Joe Frand Llerena Izquierdo








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Danny Wilfrido Barona Valencia Scholar
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Carlos Alberto Martínez Briones Scholar
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