Education and Interculturality Research Group



On the one hand the "Education and Interculturality Research Group" is aimed at meeting the research lines set by the university's priorities such as education, interculturality and youth; and on the other hand it is committed to the constitutional regulatory framework, the current public policies and the National Plan for Good Living 2013- 2017. 

From Latin America's point of view and after doing research, the GIEI attempts to reconsider the ways of producing knowledge from a non-western point of view, socialization and education in indigenous communities, education of intercultural professors, and the inclusion of young indigenous students in higher education. The Group has some good background in research and production regarding these issues and has strong connections with networks like Red Latinoamericana de Estudios sobre Trabajo Docente, Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales, and some inter university agreements with Universidad de Ferrara and Universidad de Catamarca.

The GIEI is associated with the Social Sciences, Humanities and Education Group. 






Lines of Research

  • Interculturality and teacher training

  • Epistemologies, knowledge and interculturality

  • Intercultural public policies 

  • Higher Education and Interculturality

  • Education, subjectivity, and identity 





María Verónica Di Caudo

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  • Email: 
  • Pre-school teacher  (ENSPA)
  • Bachelor in Education (UBA)
  • Master in Social sciences and humanities. Orientation, Evaluation and Educational Research (UNQUI)
  • Specializes in Planning and Management of Distance Education.  (UCV)
  • Currently studying a Doctoral degree in Education. (UNC-Argentina) 





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Maria Sol Villagómez

Azucena Bastidas Google Scholar  

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