Renewable Energies and Mechanical Implementation of SMEs Research Group



The Renewable Energies and Mechanical Implementation of SMEs Research Group (GIERIMP, for its acronym in Spanish) was established with the support of the mechanical and electronic engineering majors. It started with a group of professors who were concerned about the biomechanics which are part of inclusion technologies, the optimization of energies and renewable energies for the improvement of processes in SMEs. Additionally, the group is interested in the development of new materials, semiconductors with special features that could help the use of renewable energy. 

The aim of GIERIMP is to become a competitive research group nationwide by providing top notch scientific and technological production. The research projects conducted by GIERIMP are aimed at improving the lifestyle of people with disabilities by developing biomechanics and systematically using alternative energies that will optimize its use.

One of the policies of GIERIMP is to have students in its group so that they can carry out research and develop projects according to their personal interests. 
The CENCINAT research group from ESPE (Escuela Politécnica del Ejercito) works with GIERIMP by providing equipment for material characterization, chemistry characterization, X ray equipment, morphology, scanning electron microscope.



Vision Statement

To be a group of dynamic researchers capable of developing top notch research projects that can help solve problems in the community and the industry. 






Lines of Research


  • Optimization of energies and renewable energies


  • Inclusive technologies


  • New materials and transformation processes





Sonia Guaño MsC. - New materials and transformation processes


Communication coordinator

Fabio Eduardo Obando Herrera 



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Sonia Elizabeth Guaño Arias
Luis Cristian Juiña Quilachamin
Fabio Eduardo Obando Herrera  
William Giovanny Quitiaquez Sarzosa