Philosophy of education Research Group


The philosophy of education research group (GIFE for its acronym in Spanish) is made up by professors, students and alumni from the university's branch in Quito. 

The aims of this research group are to rethink the fundamentals, strengths and perspectives of education in context and suggest alternatives that help the country's socio-cognitive transformation through research on fundamental principles which focuses on people, who are considered to be teachable by nature. 



The philosophy of education is not isolated from other areas, on the contrary, it is continuously enriched by interdisciplinary areas that are concerned about people and education.

It is important to understand that the philosophy of education is placed among anthropology, ontology, philosophy of culture, sociology and education sciences, all which intend to understand the human being. The philosophy of education is very useful because it meets the essential function of illuminating the educational actions of human beings, guided by general issues which it intends to answer.

Hence, the actions of the philosophy of education research group is vast and of general interest in the academic and scientific field; following Sacristan, 1994, the Philosophy of Education, "does not intend to determine what means, in what circumstances and environment or what specific psychobiological individual must be educated, but it has wider and more general questions, such as: what is education, why is it needed, who is the subject of education empirically considered, why do we teach, how is it possible for someone to be educated, etc. " (Sexton, 1994, p. 78).

In this regard, the Philosophy of Education proposes the necessary tools to clarify what is meant by an educated human being; why education becomes the key driver of humanity; what is the anthropological model underlying the various theoretical proposals of education; what is the specific nature of the educational relationship; reflection on the goals, objectives and values of education; a series of questions that redirect educational thought with a philosophical perspective.



The GIFE research group will carry out the following activities:


  • Philosophical and methodological proposals with theoretical and practical tools to help improve teacher performance in different educational levels.
  • Write and publish scientific articles, based on each of the lines of research proposed by GIFE, in several journals: LATINDEX, THOMSON REUTERS, SCOPUS AND / OR SCIELO, etc.
  • Write books related to its lines of research 
  • Carry out inter-university research; multi, inter and transdisciplinary on the various problems related to education, from the various approaches: epistemological, political, scientific, cultural, gender, etc.
  • Organize seminars, meetings, congresses and talks related to the lines of research
  • Create research networks on philosophy of education
  • Present research and research results through presentations, discussion tables, etc.





Lines of research


  • Philosophy of education
  • Ontology of education
  • Epistemology of education
  • History of education
  • Development of thought 
  • Educational ethics and deontology
  • Philosophy of language and education
  • Education sociology
  • Philosophical Foundations of theories and pedagogical trends







Floralba del Rocío Aguilar Gordón


• PhD in Research and Teaching
• PhD in Knowledge Society
• Master of Education
• Master of Education applied to technology
• Master of Distance Education
• Specialist in curriculum planning and organization of education systems





Researchers Email Postgraduate studies Undergraduate studies
Robert Fernando Bolaños Vivas
  • Maestría en Docencia Universitaria y Administración Educativa


  • Estudios de doctorado en Filosofía Civil
  • Licenciado en Filosofía
Luis Fernando Villegas Bayas
  • Doctor en estudios culturales latinoamericanos (cuarto nivel)


  • Doctor en Filosofía (cuarto nivel)
  • Licenciado en Filosofía
Pablo Aníbal Rivera Moreno
  • Magister en Docencia en instituciones de educación superior


  • Diplomado Superior en el uso de las tecnologías de la información y comunicación en el proceso de enseñanza aprendizaje universitario.
  • Licenciado en Teología Moral



Researchers from other institutions

Name Email Postgraduate studies Undergraduate studies
Edison Francisco Higuera Aguirre  
  • Doctor en Filosofía


  • Master en Educación
  • Licenciado en Teología
Mauro Rodrigo Avilés Salvador
  • Magister en Docencia Superior
  • Licenciado en Ciencias de la Educación


  • Profesor de segunda enseñanza en especialización de Filosofía
Jorge Antonio Balladares Burgos  
  • Magister en Filosofía


  • Magister en Tecnologías para la Gestión y Práctica Docente
  • Licenciado en Filosofía


  • Profesor de La Enseñanza Secundaria Normal y Especial en Filosofía



UPS Alumni

Name Email Postgraduate studies Undergraduate studies
Sara Madera
  • Maestrante en Filosofía
  • Licenciada en Filosofía y Pedagogía
Rodrigo Lucio Reinoso Avecillas
  • Maestro en Ciencias Sociales con mención en Antropología


  • Diploma superior en gestión y evaluación de proyectos


  • Magister en Gestión Pública
  • Licenciado en ciencias de la educación especialidad filosofía y pedagogía
Luis López Morocho  
  • Maestrante en Filosofía
  • Licenciado en Filosofía y Pedagogía



UPS students

Name Email  
Remberto Ortega Guisado  
Luis Angel Banegas Padilla  
Edwin Fernando Cárdenas Cárdenas