Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering Research Group



The use of software in all fields is unquestionable. Business, communications, entertainment, the government, social institutions, etc., use software for different purposes and in different areas. Therefore, the idea of a world without software is unthinkable. 

Guayaquil is a city that greatly depends on small and medium size enterprises, thus we should encourage the development of SME's, and for that there should be strategies to help us fulfill this objective. Process improvement greatly helps organizations detect errors and then correct them in order to continuously enhance their work. 

Although software development in our context is growing, there is still a gap between software production in SME's and software production in large enterprises. 

In order to bridge this gap and generate significant changes in software production by SME's in Guayaquil, we created the Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering Research Group (GIISIC, in Spanish) 


  • Develop research projects that will improve software production processes in SME's in Guayaquil
  • Collect, classify and analyze information regarding improvement processes and use it as a framework to create new models that will improve processes in SME's.
  • Help position the systems engineering major nationally and regionally as an academic leader. 
  • Create leadership and participation skills in research programs, projects and networks in the field of software engineering through a multidisciplinary team. 







Lines of Research

Computer systems and Artificial Intelligence


Sub-lines of research:

  • Data Bank
  • Information systems, Component Design
  • Software engineering
  • Pedagogic Methods