Curricular policies and Educational Practices


The Curricular policies and Educational Practices Research Group seeks to continue the research in the line of "Curriculum and Cultures" within the education major and in the three editions of the Curricular Design Master's Degree program by broading the topics and the problems related to curriculum and education. 
We believe that research within groups has several advantages and we want to use them in order to discuss, study, analyze and rethink teaching tasks and policies related to education in general and particularly the curriculum.


General Objective:

To create information that will allow the Ecuadorian government, the Ministry of Education and educational institutions to make decisions regarding curricular policies and educational practices. 

Specific objectives: 

  • To diagnose the current situation of curricular policies and educational practices
  • To present proposals of national and local policies that tend to problematize the curriculum
  • To transform educational practices




The members of the group are part of the KIPUS Network (Network for Latin American and Caribbean professors), the Estrado Network (Network for studies on professors work and training) and the Curriculum and Cultures Research Group (GECC for its acronym in Spanish) from the Faculty of Education from Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais. This has allowed researchers to exchange experiences and strengthen the work they have been carrying out during the last few years.






Lines of research 

  • Curriculum and Cultures
  • Curricular Speeches and senses that guide the curriculum: production of subjects; dominant discourses; pedagogical practices, teaching and school.
  • Practices in school: interaction in the classroom, teaching practice, relation with school books, relation between professors and culture, relation between students and knowledge, relation between beliefs and practices.
  • Curricular policies: curricular norms, regulatory instruments; curricular decisions; strategies to determine the curriculum; strategies and procedures for the development of curricular policies





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